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We are proud to announce a partnership with the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). SIIM is a professional organization at the nexus of medical imagining informatics and healthcare technologies.

You can find out more about their organization and how to get involved at:

Way back in June of 2020, our team won the SIIM 2020 Hackathon that is hosted annually at the SIIM Annual Meeting! Within 2 days of remote hacking, our team was able to bring together students and industry professionals to share the beginning of what eventually became what we are today, Mass Vaxx.

We are excited to work with SIIM and we are looking forward to the future collaboration. As a strategic partner, we anticipate that SIIM will help provide project exposure through their community-wide newsletters, as well as help recruit experts to help, guide, and advise us along in our development journey.

Want to get involved in this historic initiative? Contact us at

Want to Learn more about SIIM Organization and how you can get involved there? Visit

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