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Thanks for popping in as we are back on the blog with another exciting announcement!

Last week we mentioned our partnership with SIIM and had an extremely welcoming response to those of you following us on social medias congratulating us on the announcement. Thank you!

This week we want to share some statements of support and collaboration agreements we have been able to receive over our first beginning months of development.


We are proud to be in communication with the Southeastern Wisconsin Incident Management Team.

The Southeast Wisconsin Incident Management Team provides emergency or event assistance and support using the Incident Command System. Some of the missions the SEW IMT can assist with are:

  • Preparedness planning for all hazards

  • Table-top, functional or full-scale exercise facilitation

  • Pre-planned event coordination

  • Emergency response to major events or disasters

  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) management and process facilitation

The original "ask" from SEW IMT was to build an application (locally-installed) for a ruggedized laptop + barcode scanner to scan licenses, then dump all of the data to a csv file.

We took this original ask to the next level and are excited to continue to share with them our value added system where we continue to uncover additional needs for their application.


The Southeast Wisconsin Incident Management Team works closely with the Wisconsin Emergency Readiness Coalition, Region 7 (HERC7). The vision of HERC Region 7 is to be a leader in fostering innovation that effectively integrates healthcare resources to enhance community resiliency in the event of a disaster.

Here is a special statement of support we received from the SEW HERC Chair on behalf of the Southeast Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition (HERC Region 7) board of directors in a letter affirming their support for the work being done by the Southeast IMT and our team, MassVaxx:

"We are excited and are in full support of the work that is being done to improve tracking and data management related to Points of Dispensing (POD) operations and hope that this software being developed will streamline the processes related to tracking people through a POD. " - Chuck Butler, SEW HERC Chair

We are very excited to have the support from the SEW IMT and HERC7 teams as they advise us with identifying specific customer needs for our final solution. Additionally, they have been motivators by supporting our progress in software development to get our solution ready for public use.

Check back with us next week where we will begin to share more about our awesome team members!

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