#MemberMonday: Shahd Sawalhi

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What better way to kick off the new month of February than to shoutout another awesome member of MassVaxx!

Today we will be introducing Shahd Sawalhi, who is currently receiving her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering focusing on Biomechanics with a concentration in Excellence in Leadership at Marquette University.

Shahd Sawalhi is currently working as both our software developer for the frontend team and a member of the communications team here at MassVaxx.

We asked Shahd a few questions about being involved with MassVaxx...

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved here?

A: "It's a great opportunity for me to continuously grow my knowledge and experiences, while utilizing that knowledge to make a positive change in the community I am part of."

Q: What is one skill you're working on or one thing you've learned while being a part of MassVaxx?

A: "I always wanted to learn more coding and software development. So this project was a win-win to me because I can expand my knowledge but at the same time use it for a good cause and make a difference! "

Q: Where is the first place you will travel post-COVID?

A: "Going back home to Palestine to see my parents, and eat one of the delicious home cooked meals my mom makes!"

Q: What has been a non-work related "win" of yours during COVID?

A: "Learned how to crochet and now it's my new hobby! (made so many scarfs and headbands for my friends). I also met so many great people through MassVaxx!"

Thank you Shahd for being one of the most driven members on our team. Your innovative input and frequent volunteering to always be ready to help more has not gone unnoticed.

If you want to learn more about Shahd or some of our other members, check out "Our Team" tab ( and learn a little more our wonderful members.

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