#MemberMonday: Sarah Ernst

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Happy March 1st everyone!

It's a new month and we have some exciting new news to share with you this week.

But first, let's introduce another great member of MassVaxx as a part of our #MemberMonday Series: Sarah Ernst. Sarah is an undergraduate student at Marquette University studying Biomedical Engineering with a focus in biocomputing.

Sarah has worked on our front end team helping with data modeling and currently is working on planning out our patient scheduling feature as a product manager.


We asked Sarah a few questions about being involved with MassVaxx...

Q: How did you hear of MassVaxx or why did you initially join the team?

A: "Last summer I participated in the SIIM Hackathon and I saw a community need that could be solved with this project early on and knew I wanted to see this idea come into realization! I also was really intrigued by the opportunity to learn new skills and be a part of a software development project."

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved here?

A: "I really love the environment we've created as a team over the months of working together virtually. It's been a great opportunity to translate my knowledge and experiences from the classroom into ways to make a positive impact as an engineer and learn so much from other team members along the way. "

Q: What is one skill you're working on or one thing you've learned while being a part of MassVaxx?

A: "I've learned a lot about the Agile software development process. I'm currently learning more about the Product Management process and it's been very exciting to learn so much outside of the classroom."

Q: What is the most challenging part of working with MassVaxx?

A: "It's definitely been hard to balance MassVaxx related work while also working, taking classes, and staying involved in extracurriculars."

Q: Where is the first place you will travel post-COVID?

A: "I have always want to hike rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon and want to travel there soon to do this!"

Q: What has been a non-work related "win" of yours during COVID?

A: "I've become a Food Network fanatic and love to try new recipes!"

Thank you Sarah for all your positive drive and impact as a valuable member on our team!

If you want to learn more about Sarah or some of our other members, check out "Our Team" tab ( and learn a little more our wonderful members.

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