#MemberMonday: Dana Cook

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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As we continue working on getting our system ready for the waves of vaccinations being released in the near future... We wanted to highlight some of the great people on our team in a new series called "Meet a #MemberMonday!"

We sat down with some of our team members and had them answer a few questions about their background, involvement on the team, and how they're navigating this project during COVID.

Today we would love begin our #MemberMonday series with Front End Development Lead, Dana Cook!

Dana joined the faculty at Marquette University's College of Engineering in 2019 after spending 13 years as a software engineer and systems engineer in the medical device industry. She had the opportunity to work on new products in patient monitoring and defibrillation for EMS, air medical, military, cardiac catheterization lab, and electrophysiology lab markets.

Dana loves to work as part of a team to identify and develop solutions to unmet needs. When SE IMT proposed this project to her in February 2020, it was not something she could turn down! The willingness and dedication of the volunteer team is something that has far exceeded any expectations.

Aside from developing a systems engineering graduate certificate program at Marquette and working on this project, Dana is also a volunteer with the UW-Madison/UNDP Crisis Bureau working group that is providing technical assistance to UNDP countries in the development of their COVID-19 response framework.

We asked Dana a few questions...

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved with MassVaxx?

A: "I’ve always loved working collaboratively with energetic students and an interdisciplinary team…and finding new and better solutions to problems!"

Q: What have you been involved in on MassVaxx?

A: "Front end development. It has been 8 years since I’ve written a line of code, so it’s been awesome to have a reason to dust off the cobwebs."

Q: Where is the first place you will travel post-COVID?

A: "We canceled our trip to Disney in May, so maybe that!"

Q: "What has been a non-work related "win" of yours during COVID?

A: "Getting to volunteer for this and other COVID-related projects, and all the great and inspiring people I've met in the process!"

Thank you Dana for providing your valuable time, energy, and expertise everyday to our project! We wouldn't be here without you.

If you want to learn more about Dana or some of our other members, check out "Our Team" below to learn a little more about our wonderful members.

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