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Over the past 9 months, people around the world have not gone a day without hearing about the latest updates surrounding the infamous coronavirus outbreak. 

According to the CDC, 50 million cases have been counted worldwide with over 1.25 million deaths. As we sit in the last few months remaining of 2020, we are still seeing case numbers increase across the country, and across the world.

Everybody is asking the same question: When will this all end?

Fortunately, vaccine developers are racing to make the COVID-19 vaccine available and ready for the public. 

But no one is asking this important question: How will all of these people get their vaccinations?

Our team MassVaxx is working on a point of dispensing management service to dispense and administer vaccinations as quickly and safely as possible. Our mission is to provide an open-source patient registration and vaccination management system so that everyone, regardless of location or status, can easily receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

How are we doing this you ask?

Our team has been determined since June 2020 to create a registration and vaccination management system as soon as possible. We will be working with the Southeast Wisconsin Incident Management Team to refine our system and begin deployment. 

Our solution will enable patients to pre-register themselves and their families, or in person at a vaccination site. With the use of our solution, we will allow providers to easily check in patients and provide a workflow for users to input required vaccination information. With this information, the data will be able to be transferred to the appropriate authorities starting with the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.

We are all very excited to share our work with you and will continue to give updates as we move forward in development.

Feel free to explore our new website to learn about our solution overview, technology, and the brains behind the ideas.

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