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Updated: Jan 21

Whether or not you've seen that 70's show and understand the reference to today's blog post title, we have some very exciting news to share with you!

Or should we say... some very exciting news has been shared about us!

This past week a WISN Channel 12 News Reporter, Terry Sater, was able to interview various members of our team and feature a sneak peak of our MassVaxx software system on Live Television!

Click below to view our news special and article below:

Above gallery includes screenshots from the news special featuring MassVaxx volunteers Teri Sippel Schmidt and David Fraley as well as our application interface during a live demo.

"Some of Wisconsin's brightest minds are creating a computer application to help get people vaccinated against COVID-19." - Terry Sater, WISN 12 Reporter

The news story features screen recordings of our current application system running live with members Teri Sippel Schmidt and David Fraley explaining how the MassVaxx app works in the eyes of a patient registering and receiving the COVID vaccination.

We also have announced that we will be officially testing our live software with a local health department early next month.

This exciting feature of MassVaxx on WISN Channel 12 News increased our visibility in Southeastern Wisconsin and we're excited to go live very soon to finally make an end to COVID.

We'd like to thank WISN 12 News Reporter Terry Sater for spreading the word about our application and showcasing the value in what we can bring to COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

If anyone would like to use MassVaxx to organize a local COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic, please contact us via

You can also learn more about our mission and solution through our website at

**Disclaimer: MassVaxx does NOT provide any vaccines to the public.**

MassVaxx is a group of volunteers working with Healthcare Professionals on developing an open-source patient registration and vaccination management system.

As always, don’t forget to follow us and connect with us on social medias!

Twitter: @MassVaxx



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