"Cracking the COVID Code"

*All credit of this blog post's title goes to Journalist, Maddie Burakoff of Spectrum News 1, (Milwaukee, WI)*

Happy Friday everyone!

What better way to end the week by sharing some major wins from the past few weeks?

Last week we had shared a news article written by WISN Channel 12 News Reporter, Terry Sater.

This week, we have more major news releases that we want to share with all of you...

We were featured in the Wall Street Journal and Local Spectrum News 1!

"Covid-19 Vaccine Confusion Leads Volunteers to Create Online Guides"

Written by Elizabeth Findell & Alejandro Lazo, Wall Street Journal

First off, we want to share a mention we received from the Wall Street Journal.

Yes, you heard us correctly. THE Wall Street Journal whose online coverages covers breaking news and current headlines from all around the US and around the world!

Reporters Elizabeth Findell and Alejandro Lazo wrote an online news article titled "Covid-19 Vaccine Confusion Leads Volunteers to Create Online Guides"

"Americans have been struggling to figure out where and how to get Covid-19 vaccinations due to glitchy or incomplete online portals and overwhelmed phone hotlines set up by state and local governments.
Now tech-savvy citizens are building their own websites to fill in the gaps. " - Findell, E. & Lazo, A.

Findell & Lazo mention MassVaxx at the conclusion of their article featuring an interview excerpt with our Project Manager, David Fraley.

"In Wisconsin, a somewhat different effort is under way, after students from Marquette University shifted a hackathon challenge into building free software that any health-care provider will be able to use to register patients for vaccines and track them for follow-up doses." - Findell, E. & Lazo, A.

This news article also mentions similar volunteer-run tackling the problems to trying to get vaccinations amid the chaotic national rollout!

Examples of related projects to help combat this current issue of struggling to find vaccination sites include: created by Dylan Alban created by Carri Crave

We love showing and sharing support for others tackling COVID related challenges. Go visit their sites to see what other cool software projects are happening across the country in hopes of "Cracking the COVID Code"!

Read the rest of Wall Street Journal's Article "Covid-19 Vaccine Confusion Leads Volunteers to Create Online Guides" Here:

"Cracking the COVID Code: MassVaxx Team Creating Software to Help Vaccines Run Smoothly"

Written by Maddie Burakoff, Spectrum News 1 Milwaukee

Lastly, we want to share our awesome feature in Spectrum News 1 Milwaukee's article named "Cracking the COVID Code: MassVaxx Team Creating Software to Help Vaccines Run Smoothly". Reporter Maddie Burakoff graciously took time to feature MassVaxx in an article including team members David Fraley, Dana Cook, Teri Sippel Schmidt, and Shahd Sawalhi.

The article walks step by step in how MassVaxx began, how it's been evolving, and how we will add value by creating a digital vaccine management system.

Additionally, Burakoff pointed out a valuable point about our software management system that we have not yet advertised at large...

"The software they’re developing could also have uses beyond our current crisis, Cook adds. Their tools could help out in future pandemics that require mass vaccination clinics, as well as hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters where lots of people are seeking medical attention." - Burakoff, M.

Read the rest of the article here!

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Spread the word to share with others how we at MassVaxx are aiming to "Crack the COVID Code"!

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