Future Features

We have a multitude of feature futures that our team will implement once our base system is tested and ready for use! We selected these additional features to include as they make our software easier to use or applicable to a larger audience.

Our coming features include

  • Appointment Scheduling – early January

  • Spanish Language Support – early January

  • Batch Processing – early February

  • Hmong Language Support – mid February

  • Data Visualization – late February


Features Explained

Patient appointment scheduling will allow people to schedule appointments and pre-register themselves at their chosen vaccination site for applicable sites. By scheduling an appointment, you can avoid the hassle of registering onsite. We’ll provide you with a QR code so all you have to do is show up at your appointment time, provide the QR code to the provider and you can get checked-in immediately!

Approximately 4.9% of Wisconsin residents speak Spanish at home while 1% speak Hmong. We want to ease your interactions as you register, check-in, and receive the vaccine by displaying things in your preferred language and, at applicable sites, communicate with you in your preferred language! As we’re targeting Wisconsin for our first deployment sites, we’re using Wisconsin stats to inform our available language support.

Our system creates and sends single vaccination records to the WIR (link to them). With batch processing, we’ll handle all the vaccination record creation and transfer to the WIR (link to them here) so your organization doesn’t need to establish those new communication protocols. This is aimed at providers who can register and provide vaccines, but don’t have the ability to communicate them to the WIR.

We all wonder how we can have an impact and help stop COVID-19. You can visualize your own individual impact through our data visualization tool! See how your getting vaccinated impacts your city, county, state, and the nation.