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Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization developing an open source, reliable software system for healthcare provides to rapidly deliver COVID vaccinations en masse.

Our Goals are to:

  • Be Ready – We began development in August, 2020, and are on track to finish our solution and be tested and ready for public use by early spring, in time for large scale vaccination campaigns

  • Be Open-Source – Our solution is open-source, accessible to all, anyone can deploy our software, look through our code, or volunteer to help out!

  • Be Secure – Our solution meets all security and regulatory requirements, including HIPAA

  • Be Flexible – Effective distribution of emergency supplies is paramount in any disaster situation. We intend for our software to eventually become a generic emergency supply distribution system to support other disaster relief efforts as well

  • Respect Privacy --- MassVaxx will not use your personal information for marketing or any other purposes.


Our Solution


We understand the urgency of the crisis we’re all facing so we’ve prioritized simplicity in design. We began development with a clear, concise patient registration, scheduling system, and vaccination workflow system. We are building an administrative dashboard feature to manage and monitor vaccinations. We are currently working with healthcare providers in Wisconsin to begin rollout of our software.


Our solution allows patients to complete their required information prior to coming on-site, including patient information, screening, and eligibility, then provides them with a QR code to use on arrival. On-site vaccinators can use the patient’s QR code to quickly retrieve all of their information, step the patient through the entire vaccination process, and have a record automatically sent to the appropriate Immunization Information Registry.


MassVaxx leverages the international HL7 FHIR data standard server to store and communicate information for patients and immunizations. This means that your data is always accessible to you because it is not stored in a proprietary format. Alongside our FHIR database we use a simple Vue Node stack to expedite development. We utilize a microservice architecture to modularize functionality and make our software flexible. Our software is open source and available for anyone to view or use at our GitHub repository here.

GitHub Repository

Key Stakeholders

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MassVaxx does NOT provide any vaccines to the public.

MassVaxx is a group of volunteers working with Healthcare Professionals on developing an open-source patient registration and vaccination management system.


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