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Our Mission

To provide an open-source patient registration and vaccination management system so that everyone, regardless of their location or status, can easily receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Our Goals are to:

  • Be Up & Running for the COVID-19 Vaccine – we just started development in August but have a plan in place to finish our solution, & be tested and ready for public usage by late February / early March

  • Be Open-Source – Our solution to be open-source so anyone could implement our software without a hassle

  • Be Secure – Our solution will be secure and HIPAA compliant 

  • Be Multifaceted – We realize software like this is useful for more applications than mass vaccinations so we’re designing with other uses in mind 


Our Solution


We’re focused on creating a system as soon as possible. We're starting with a registration and vaccination management system and adding on features in the coming months to make it more useful! We’re focusing on deploying in Southeast Wisconsin first. 

Our base solution is a registration and vaccination management system. We enable patients to pre-register themselves online or in person at the vaccination site. When registering, we’ll provide patients with a QR code to quickly and safely facilitate their check-in. Our vaccination management system will allow providers to easily check-in patients and provide a workflow for users to input required vaccination information. We’ll then handle the data transfer to the appropriate authorities starting with the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.


Our solution is rooted in a microservices architecture utilizing modern-day health standards to communicate. We leverage an HL7 FHIR server to communicate patient data to appropriate containers. Because the WIR only accepts HL7 v2 messages, that’s how we communicate patient data to record vaccinations. We manage our containers through a Kubernetes engine. Our frontend is written using Vue.js and standard component libraries. All of this software will be open-source so anyone could set up and manage a deployment site. Check out our GitHub repository to get a more in-depth look!

GitHub Repository

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MassVaxx does NOT provide any vaccines to the public.

MassVaxx is a group of volunteers working with Healthcare Professionals on developing an open-source patient registration and vaccination management system.


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